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Book Essay

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5th Period English
Myth/Legend Writing
How did the rainbow appear?
A long time ago, in a far away land in South America there was a small town called Carthage, people not really the wealthy end of the town. All of a sudden people started becoming wealthier, entering the woods, being in there for hours, and coming out with money as they referred to as “Gold”.
It’s very bizarre how out of the random this decides to happen. It all started when a young girl named Penelope entered the forest on the West side of Carthage. She kept saying she saw a little person. He was very short, less than 4 feet, who was always wearing green, pointy shoes, a green hat with a tad bit of yellow on it. Every time it would rain she’d see this man ...view middle of the document...

It was raining outside, so Penelope waited inside until it stopped raining. As she waited she saw the little man standing outside near the forest. She yelled “Excuse me!” he looked at her and ran. She kept yelling “wait! Wait! Please!” nothing stopped him. He continued to run into the forest, she followed.
Rain dripping down off the trees, feet mashing against the muddy grass, as Penelope gets deeper in the forest. She notices bright colors, shinning in between the trees. As she got closer to the colorful object she noticed it was a very enormous thing that had two huge pots at the end overfilling with gold. As she walked around the pots of gold and the floating colorful object that was above her. The little man, approached her he said “Hello, my name is Mac Miller, But they call me Leprechaun.” She introduced herself back, replying with “Nice to meet you, I’m Penelope.” They sat and talked for hours.
The day was turning into night; as much as Penelope didn’t want too she had to head back home. On the way back home all she could think about was what Mac Miller told her. About how the colorful object was called a Rainbow. It appears every time after it rains. Her told her a myth ,that if it rains and your having a bad day, you’ll see a double rainbow and they’ll be twice as much gold then with one rainbow. The following week Penelope was having a horrible no good day, and it began to rain. After it was done raining she glanced outside and there it was. A double rainbow. She looked around and smiled. There he was, on the out skirts of the forest waving to her. All she did was smile. Next time it rains, look outside. Having a bad day, while it’s raining? Be prepared to see a double rainbow.

The End.

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