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Bones Essay

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Avis Hamm
July 2, 2015
MGT/521- Management

The results that I received from the survey do not fit into my desired career path completely although some things are exceptional. My main career path is to have a successful high-risk private security company that will have joint contract with the United Nations to fight against violations of human rights. Unfortunately, I didn’t see ...view middle of the document...

S government and other countries set the bar for their foreign policies on abusing the rights for their citizens. The most important part of the survey that I feel was right was the Media and Communication Worker section.
I was not surprised about the career exploration results because of my background. I was not surprised at the results chosen for me because I strive to be a leader in whatever I do. The position as a Chief Executive Officer position would be the position in a company that I want to have. The position would be worth more than money for me because I would like to be the reason a company progress and the person other companies acquire to have join their company. The second major position that I selected was the General Manager position because of the role of managing all aspects of a company. The negative aspect of the General Manager’s position is that it is probably most stressful position in a company on the hierarchy chart. Your job is always in danger because everybody depends on you for the good, bad, and ugly.

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