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Board Briefing On Security Essay

2069 words - 9 pages

Board Briefing on Security

Table of Contents
Board Briefing on Security 1
Introduction 3
Terrorism in Commercial Organizations 3
Terrorism in Airlines 4
Current Threats to Aviation 5
Insider Threats 5
Automation Adds Efficiency 6
Improving Total Operations 6
Increased Threats from Advanced Explosives 6
Threat against Airline Services and Airports 7
Necessary Steps to Improve Aviation Security 7
References 9

Terrorism is the systematic use of terror. It does not have a legal binding or definition in criminal law. Commonly, it is referred to creation of fear through violence (Townshend, 2002). Terrorism is usually defined and assumed as a group ...view middle of the document...

With the increased globalization, economic incorporation and collaboration of the nations, the terrorism has become limitless and can be elated and transferred to any part of the world effortlessly. It is usually in the form of violence, killings, murders, fear and depression among the masses. It has left a bad impact on all fields of life. Commercial as well as domestic units are under the threat in their daily chores. Thus drastic measures are needed to avoid the damages of any violent activity (Townshend, 2002).With this increased terrorism, drastic security measures are necessary to avoid any damage and threat. Security measures refer to measures taken as a precaution against theft, espionage, terrorism or sabotage ( Friedman & Mitchell, 2009). In this era where terrorism has increased drastically across the globe, implementing additional security measures to prevent damage has become integral in commercial organizations.
Terrorism in Commercial Organizations
With the tremendous growth in terrorism, commercial sector of economy has become more viable victim. There are numerous incentives of targeting these organizations.
* Sometimes terrorist attack an organization with the purpose to get higlighted and noticed. Attacking such organizations will bulid up pressure on the government. For instance, attacking a multinational company in any third world company can leave an impact on government as well as economy. Additionally, such activities are highlighted in international media as well. Thus it helps in getting the mission and hidden motives of terrorists accomplished ( Dyson, 2012).
* In some situations, terroirst activities are carried out in government lead companies. The motive behind is to weaken the government. This weakening of the government not only effects the position of ruler but also leaves a negative impact of the country across the globe.
Terrorist activties are usually prevalent in organizations which tend to leave a strong impact. Secondly, many organizations are difficult to guard as their setup is huge and spreaded across a broad range of city or countries. Now another important question is that why private organizations need to focus more on their security. The very simple reason behind this idea is that government organizations are usually confined as compared to private organizations. Additionally, private firms have to make available and finance their own defense. They have to employ commercial security firms and have to fix exclusive equipment which will give rise to their costs of production. Thus implying a reliable and dependable security setup in commercial organizations is necessary.
Terrorism in Airlines
Terrorism in airlines can serve multiple purpose:
* The issue will get highlighted in international media
* Pressure of the nation increases as they are the victims in this case
* Economy of the target country will be effected
* Government’s reputation is immensely effected...

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