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Blood For Sale Essay

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Blood for Sale: A Discussion from Multiple Ethical Dimensions
To make money by selling blood is an issue and discussion for ages. The most vital factor is its ethical implications. When an egoist is asked about this topic, he presents his own valuable ideas. According to the ethical egoist, selling blood is not at all unethical. He presents a strong notion that if an action produces positive consequences for the doer, then it must be considered as ethical because it meets his own self-interest (Blackburn, 2003). If a person offers his blood to some patient in return of some money, then it should be important to analyze the type of consequences. The money or other benefits that he gains or ...view middle of the document...

It is also evident in some cases that such donors donate blood only for money. Therefore, such actions violate the utilitarian norms that direct a person to act emotionally for the well-being of the others (Mizzoni, 2009). According to this theory, the donor must not only focus on the money, rather he should also develop an emotional bond with the patient.
The third consultant tries to assess this matter from the points discussed in Kant's Categorical Imperative. This individual states that the perfect duty does not allow a person to sell blood as the basic duty of a human being is to help others. If it were universal, then every person in this world would intent to sell his blood to the patients in need. This violates the basic norms of the perfect duty. He also believes that a person must do everything needed to survive and maintain existence. As imperfect duties are circumstantial, an individual is allowed to sell his blood for money when a patient is in need. Such imperfect duty should be supported until it clashes with the perfect duty (Paton, 2010). In this case of selling blood, the imperfect duty contradicts the perfect duty. Therefore, it can never be accepted that blood would be put for sale.
The fourth consultant tries to assess this case based on Ross's theory of Prima Facie Moral Obligations. The primary and principal use of Ross's theory is to determine between the prima facie and the contradictory duties. The prima facie duties clearly direct people about what they should do under a specific circumstance. But, prima facie duties can conflict with some contradictory duties in some cases. When someone sees an old person collapsing on the ground and no other person is around there, he will certainly be influenced by prima facie duties. If he sees a bike standing nearby, his sense will convince him to take the bike and take that person to the hospital. Here the duty of harm prevention contradicts with the duty of not causing injury. But, harm prevention should be given priority in this case. The individual adheres to the theories of non-injury, harm prevention, and beneficence. The first theory suggests that the duty of a human being is not to harm any other individually either physically or psychologically. The second duty states that the duty of a person is to prevent any possible damage to another person or to himself. The third obligation suggests that a person should act and perform to promote and ensure his own good (Ross, 2002). These three theories exclude any unethical implication in this matter. The donor sells the blood but he meets multiple prima facie duties.
The fifth consultant advocates the theory of Virtue ethics. According to this perception, a person's decision should be evaluated according to...

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