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Blockbuster Technology Plan Essay

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3D films are not a new technology, but only recently have movies been brought into our homes thanks to the high capacity of Blu-Ray discs and because of new televisions that feature high refresh rates which show films at double the frame rate required for our eyes to distinguish motion. A 3D movie is really two entire movies shown at the same time, one that your left eye sees, and one for your right eye. Special glasses are required to switch between the two in a way that your brain perceives as three-dimensional. Because of this, twice as much data is needed for a 3D movie compared to a 2D one, which presents certain issues when trying to send this ...view middle of the document...

All it has to do is play twice as many frames and it simple works, because the video files are not encoded in any way.
For streaming in 3D, encoding will be necessary but the technique of alternating frames isn’t ideal because the difference between individual frames is so high it would appear similar to the worst-case action movie in the previous example. One technique being worked on by researchers is to calculate the difference not only between adjacent frames, but also between left eye and right eye channels, because they are likely to be similar even though they are not exactly the same (Zamarin, 2010).
In an mp3 music file, for example, the data that is encoded is not both the left and right channels, but instead one channel and another set of data that represents the difference between the left and right channel (Wilburn, 2007). This takes much less data and can be easily decoded. So far the difficulty has been in finding an algorithm that can detect these differences between stereo images, and combining them with the existing MPEG algorithms to allow streaming over the web with an acceptable amount of lossiness. One standard already exists that supports stereo video and is an expansion of the MPEG-4 codec called MPEG-MVC, which stands for “Multiview Video Coding.” However, this spec is not intended for direct streaming use, and may not be the most optimal for this application (Smolic, A. 2008). Another consideration is that the lossiness, or the amount of video degradation, also needs to be variable because different viewers have different qualities of connection and the quality of a viewer’s connection may change over time during the viewing. Compression technologies exist for this as well, such as Z-lib which reduces the number of colors available and which works...

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