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Blair Water Of India: Quench Your Thirst

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Quench Your Thirst

“In an age when man has forgotten his origins and is blind even to his most essential needs for survival, water along with other resources has become the victim of indifference.” – Rachel Carson

Disease. Famine. Death. Words that can send a shiver up the mortal spines of those that are even the coldest at heart. When we talk about the water we drink, or more specifically, the water consumed by the noble people of India, these words not often document an exceptional case but an irrefutable rule. In plain terms, India and its people need clean water; to bathe in, to cook with; to drink. They can achieve this goal though the use of private portable water purification ...view middle of the document...

This report will analyze the drivers, uncertainties, certainties, and triggers of entering the water purification market in India and provide background support that will attempt to cover the social, legal, economic, political, and technological gamut that coincide with a successful marketing venture.
“Water is life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water” – Albert Szent-Gvorgyi

Every 15 seconds, a child dies from water related illness. The Indian water purification market has several products in play, but not one of these accomplishes the goal of producing a completely decontaminated product that can be stored for long periods of time; at reasonable cost to the consumer. The average price of a purification system is about Rs.2500. We aim to introduce the Delight product at a cost Rs.2125 which is 15% less than the median market price. As an introductory item, we will enable our cold calling sales team to “haggle” with customers within a +/- minus 15% range that will not affect our base cost per unit, but is simply a style of sales that is very highly regarded by our target market. Our product has a very “Westernized” design and will appear as such. This gives Delight a definite advantage within a market that holds foreign merchandise in high regard. Appearance is as important as price to the non-technically inclined consumers that will make harsh judgments based on such criteria. It is very important that the design be able to fit on a countertop, and have a very “futuristic” appearance. We can promote Delights’ use of ultraviolet light to eliminate microbials and viruses. We will exploit similarities in design to Star Wars, the Matrix,

and other such popular American SciFi all the while maintaining the cool elegant look of a Scandinavian modern aesthetic. To our advantage, Delight has additional lighting that assess when the unit is working properly, and can run on battery power when land-based electricity is unavailable. You plug in Delight, and it works! Plug and go! A catch line for the ages; There are no filters to change, no additional costs to the consumer. This is a pitfall of our competition where consumers have to change filters on a regular basis at a cost upward of Rs.200 each. The user can elect to add vitamins and flavorings to the output product which will enhance the experience. This will appeal to children and the highly health conscience parents that only want “the best”. There are some things about this business venture that are unquestionably in our favor. Almost four out of five Indian households (close to 80%) do not have suitable drinking water. Most of these people live in the rural areas of India and are an untapped market. The competition does not market their products in rural areas. We can market to rural areas going door-to-door educating consumers and selling a recyclable battery power supply necessary to run the equipment. The Indian government gives tax breaks to foreign...

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