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Blackberry Repositioning Strategy Essay

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Blackberry – Brand repositioning strategy.
Through this short paper, I would like to further comprehend and propose Blackberry’s strategy towards repositioning in the present potential market.
In 2009, Fortune magazine declared Blackberry as one of the fastest growing brands in the world, but within a period of 3-4 years, there market share dropped to 2%. As previously discussed, some main reasons were late entry into consumer/lifestyle segment without outstanding and cutting edge gadgets and services, inability to create a clear brand image in the minds of consumers resulting in loss of appeal, delayed improvisation and updating the technology of its very successful devices and finally the ...view middle of the document...

This sounds like a role for Android, but Blackberry can fulfill this role to a great extent, especially in the business sector. Blackberry’s app world is not up to the mark presently. Unless they think they have the ingenuity and the engineering team like Apple and Android to outdo them, or have a fundamentally different model for delivering these features, this shouldn’t be Blackberry’s priority.
Secondly, they should shift back to the audience they know and where they built their reputation. Refocusing on B2B from the trendy, shiny-object world of consumer tech is a drive back to the industry they know and that they are known in. The fish is back in the water. Re-identifying, re-finding and then re-engaging with the audience they have strayed from is fundamental. (Branding strategy insider, 2015)
It will be good to note here, that if they really want to foray again into the consumer market, they should do so with another sub brand (market segmentation), so that the serious, business brand image of Blackberry remains intact in the minds of end users.
Past few years, BlackBerry smartphones used to be the start of the solution, or simply was the solution ,Whereas now, increasingly, what we see is BlackBerry devices are part of the solution, i.e. firms purchase thousands of phones alongside signing up for the BlackBerry Enterprise management system to achieve end to end security.( LinkedIn, 2015).
Its current and potential market can comprise of emerging business owners including start-ups, big corporate enterprises where they could offer end to end solutions, healthcare sector, producers, IT sector, federal agencies, government and their organizations including top bureaucrats, diplomats and intelligence services, retail and sales industry, educational institutions, Hollywood movie scripts, law firms, the army, military and the defense departments.
All these organizations and business forms carry highly sensitive data at times, especially law, defense and healthcare sector. Since Blackberry’s USP is safety and security, they can cater to the customized needs of each of these sectors and build secure user systems for each one of them, creating a niche for themselves and barriers to entry for their competitors. Its App world and software solutions could be specialized for these organizations which could effectively result in multimillion dollar deals in exchange for tens of thousands of contracts for the employees who need end to end solutions.
In order to tap into potential future market, Blackberry can concentrate on educational institutions and also startups as a whole. For example the educational version of Corel Draw Graphics Suite costs only €100 instead of the market price of €700, simply because the company wants to persuade budding and future designers to get use to the user interface and form a habit of using the software. They really hope to cash upon this when these students enter as employees into companies and continue to use this...

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