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Case Overview/Selection/Assignments
BrandScape Dates and Assignments

Because of the tight seven-week scheduling of this course, we need to arrange for teams and team assignments for both the BrandScape and Case Assignments right away.
To facilitate this process, the assignments and dates are outlined here. Please, as soon as is possible, sign up for the BrandScape date as well as the case of your choice.

Please indicate your team by name, names of all team members, and your preferences with #1 (Most Desired) through and including - #5 (Least Desired.) If you’re not yet on a team, please let me know, along with your preferences.

I’ll try to accommodate preferences as much as I can. ...view middle of the document...

…But – there are issues…Presenting Team: Be sure to pick up the video that goes with this case from Dr. Oliva

Key questions to consider:

1) Your recommendation to the Harley Davidson Management Team: Should Harley Davidson continue to sponsor the Posse Ride? Why or why not? What role should the Posse Ride play in the HOG events mix?
2) How should the Posse Ride be designed to maximize its effectiveness and profit making potential, should you decide to keep it?
3) Do you see some “tensions” that are inevitable if they continue the rides? What are they? How would you handle them?
4) What is HOG’s role in developing community for the Harley Davidson brand?
5) What is your opinion of Harley Davidson strategy and performance in “getting close to its customers?”

Case 2: Monday, November 5, 2012 Preference # _____(1-5)

“A Case for Brand Loyalty”,
Harvard Business School, Case No. 9-598-023

An interesting discussion on the human side of brand loyalty, revealing the fact that the definition of “brand loyalty” can vary. This case explores the sorts of relationships different sorts of people (and different segments) have with their brand of coffee. It explores the often deeply personal side of Customer-Based Brand Equity. Interesting insights, and a chance to look at a qualitative, “ethnographic” study.

Note: This case is somewhat different in that it doesn’t invite one recommendation to the management team, but reflects on the nature of brand loyalty itself. All informants in the study you’ll be reading were recruited using the same criteria: They all stated that they were “brand loyal”.

Reflect on the following questions:

1) Is Tom brand loyal? Is Frank? Why or why not?
2) Are Charles and Anne loyal to their brands?
3) How is Wendy’s loyalty different from Sarah’s, or Pamela’s, if at all?
4) If you were a brand manager in the coffee category, which of the seven informants would you want as a customer? Why this person?
5) After reviewing this case and considering these situations, how would you define brand loyalty?
6) What insights into the concept of brand loyalty do you obtain from studying these informant’s reactions, as well as the other brands in each informant’s usage portfolios?

Case 3: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 Preference # _____(1-5)

“Manchester Products: A Brand Transition Challenge”
Harvard Business School, Brief Case No. 4043, June 28, 2009

This case explores the management of a recently acquired brand -- which was viewed by the acquiring firm as a strategic move expanding their market, and the nature of their market offerings.

The acquiring firm, Manchester Products, is an established, longtime leader in the office furniture market. The acquisition of the "Paul Logan" brand provided Manchester with an instant “market leader” position in household furniture. However, Manchester was only given rights to use the Paul...

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