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Black Essay

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   In this paper I am going to be discussing whether, or not a NBA (PER) players efficiency rating have an impact on his salary. An NBA players efficiency rating consistis calculated in regard to his points per game, assist per game, minutes played per game, blocks per game, turnovers per game, field goal percentage, three point percentage, free throw percentage, rebounds per game. These stats are used to evaluate a player, or teams overall performance.  These statistics are important, because it help coaches decide who to put on the court in certain aspects of the game. A player’s efficiency rate also play a huge role when it comes to general managers, and team owners choosing free agents. ...view middle of the document...

8 million
Salary: $17.8 million
Endorsements: $14 million
The three-time scoring champ joined Jay Z's Roc Nation Sports in June as the agency's first NBA client.

#5 Dwyane Wade
Total earnings: $30.7 million
Salary: $18.7 million
Endorsements: $12 million
Wade sells his own neckties and socks in addition to having endorsement deals with Li-Ning, Gatorade, Hublot, Pepperidge Farm and Dove.

#6 Carmelo Anthony
Total earnings: $30.4 million
Salary: $21.4 million
Endorsements: $9 million
This summer Melo is expected to opt out of the final year of his $23.3 million Knicks contract, in return for a richer, long-term deal.

#7 Amar'e Stoudemire
Total earnings: $28.2 million
Salary: $21.7 million
Endorsements: $6.5 million
The six-time All-Star has one year left on the $99.7 million contract he signed with the Knicks in July 2010.

After analyzing the data and running it through a correlation study in Minitab, it was concluded that the value.62 was greater than, that out alpha of .05, so therefore we retain the null hypothesis, which means the data presented isn’t enough evidence to accept the alternative hypothesis.
The study was to figure out whether an NBA players PER...

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