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Biometrics Security Essay

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Biometrics creates a digital copy of identifing markers in your finger prints, signature and voice commands. without these markes being detected the system will not open up or allow the user to access any information until they meet the security requirements. Biometrics uses a 348 byte sensory system to help store and generate the required sensory log needed to operate at full potential. Choosing to us biometrics you can rest assure that your security is to knotch because with biometrics you get protection agains fraud, fakes and even mistaken identitys. There has been zero breaches in the biomertics security in the hundreds of installations of over many years. Biometrics als o allows users to add a duress finger or signature that when enter will automaticaly contact the local authorities.

To gain access to the system the user my place there finger on the sensor until instructed to remove it. ...view middle of the document...

Pros to finger print security: very accurate, when it comes down to tracking the information and who aproved or denied something the system has a clear picture of who and when it was accessed. It is the most financial economic PC authenticating software, and it is easy to use. It comes with a 100% satisfaction garunttee, and given the track record they have with being top of the line and such a low fail rate one could not help but be pleased with the resluts.

Con to finger print security: some people might find it a little BIG BROTHERISH, by this I re fer to how some people do not like their information being tracked on a computer system where they are not in total control of where the information goes and who sees the inf ormation. issues will arise give moisture level of hands, cracked or dry skin may effect the out come of the results and its ability to read

Pros to signature security; it is non intrusive a nd allows the person the ability to sign for and item or transaction, making that much harder for the blame to be passed on. Has a limitation on how many wrong attempts can be proccessed before locking out and contacting security, this way if someone is trying to use your information and sign for something using your name the system will catch it and kick it back while allerting security.

Con to signature print security: If some one does not always sign things the same way it will not allow them to proccess anything. this making it a little harder to get people set up and running with it because more times then not people instinctively like to change things up a bit and peoples signature dislplays alot about a persons mood so if they are not happy one day it could effect their signature.


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