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Biological Foundations Essay

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Biological Foundations in Psychology

Lisa Dickens

University of Phoenix

Biological Foundations

The study of psychology emerged in the eighteenth century. Many psychologists, from the past and present have made arguments over the correct meaning of the word ‘psychology. One thing is certain, and that is they agree to disagree.

The term psychology derives from the Greek words psyche meaning ‘mind’, and logos meaning ‘reason’. Therefore, the true meaning of psychology is reasoning of the mind. Biological psychology is the branch of ...view middle of the document...

Such tasks often resemble specially designed games and activities that are both enjoyable for the child and scientifically useful, and researchers have even devised clever methods to study the mental processes of small infants. In addition to studying children, developmental psychologists also study aging and processes throughout the life span, especially at other times of rapid change.
Cognitive Psychology is the school of psychology that examines internal mental processes such as problem solving, memory, and language. It had its foundations in the Gestalt psychology of Max Wertheimer, Wolfgang Kohler, and Kurt Koffka, and in the work of Jean Piaget, who studied intellectual development in children (Staller, 1999). Cognitive psychologists are interested in how people understand, diagnose, and solve problems, concerning themselves with the mental processes which mediate between stimulus and response. Cognitive theory contends that solutions to problems take the form of algorithms - rules that are not necessarily understood but promise a solution, or heuristics - rules that are understood but that do not always guarantee solutions. In other instances, solutions may be found through insight, a sudden awareness of relationships (Staller, 1999).
Biological psychology is the scientific study of the biological bases of behavior and mental states. Because...

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