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I. Executive Summary:
CrossRoads, a partnership ltd. Company manufacturing high quality Billiard and Snooker Accessories in Bangladesh. We are the pioneer in manufacturing Billiard and Snooker Accessories in the country. The products we are manufacturing are Billiard Board, Balls, cue and range.
In producing our products we are going to use the raw materials from our country. We will use Shagun wood from Sylhet which will be collected from Savar. Also we are going to use ceramics and plastics from RAK industries. Wood used in the making of table will be highly furnished so that the harsh weather of Bangladesh cannot affect any quality of the Billiard board.
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Type of Ownership: Partnership
8. Total Investment:
Initial Investment | Fixed Assets | Current Assets | Total |
1,895,050 | 147,000 | 822,000 | 969000 |

9. Loan & Equity:
Loan | Equity | Total |
1600000 | 295050 | 1895050 |

III. Description of Products:
1. Products:
The products that we are going to produce are the Billiard Board, Balls and Billiard cue
2. Important features of the product:
1. High quality
2. Low price
3. Flexible
4. User friendly
5. Available
3. Advantages:
1. Low raw material cost
2. Cheap Labor
3. No local competitor
4. Booming market
5. Popularity of the particular game
4. Disadvantages:
1. Imported products
2. Lack of startup capital
3. Foreign competitor
4. Bureaucracy difficulties

IV. Marketing Plan

4.1 Major Competitors and Their Position
Bangladesh has a huge prospect over Billiard games. As a result many are now interested in getting involved with this game for a business purpose. Unlike other popular games of Bangladesh, “Billiard” is a little sophisticated game and requires certain class of people with high expenditure. People who are interested in playing this game are either from upper class or upper middle class of the society. To serve this class of people there are already some existing marketers of billiard boards in Bangladesh. Though they all are directly importing products from overseas manufacturers. Still all of these marketers impose threat to our business. Their market share is also high and they already have created a sense of reliability among our target segment. Some of our direct competitors in the market are stated below,
1. Bangladesh Billiards & Snooker Federation
2. Sportex Co., Ltd
3. Haq& friends Ltd
4. Sharma Billiard Accessories, Bangladesh
Bangladesh Billiards & Snooker Federation: Bangladesh Billiards & Snooker Federation is the authority concern for Bangladesh for billiard games. This federation is currently governed by Syed Mahboob who is a former secretary of Asian Confederation of Billiards Sports (ACBS). This organization has been working for the improvement of Billiard games popularity in Bangladesh since 2000. They also import billiard boards and sell them to local users.
Sportex Co., Ltd: Sportex Co., Ltd is an international organization serving in Bangladeshi market since 2006. They import products from their foreign subsidiaries. Basically Sportex is a Canadian originated organization serving in multinational manner.
Haq& friends Ltd: Haq& friends Ltd is an import based company in Dhaka. They import different sports accessories from abroad and also manufacture sports accessories. They import Billiard boards from different countries to Bangladesh. One of the notable brands which they import is BERINGER.
Sharma Billiard Accessories, Bangladesh: Sharma Billiard Accessories is a company of Sharma Billiard Accessories India. They are doing business in Bangladesh for the last two years....

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