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Biggest Challenges Today Are To Control The Network Security

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 Biggest challenges today are to control the network security. Network security is having protection of networks and their services from unauthorized access, destruction, or disclosure. Malicious acts bring up the important topic of disaster recovery. Companies must have up to date copies of their important documents and software to prevent extended downtime. The saved information will let the company's employees continue to work while the IT department deals the damaged media.
Hacking Into a Website
Some being able to hack into a person’s web site is never going to be justifiable. A hacker is ...view middle of the document...

  A total of 110,000 email addresses where obtained during this illegal entry into the website. During this attack on AT&T new technology that was only out for a month, they quickly shut the product down and website to deal with the problem that occurred. The problem was handled very quickly, AT&T was notified on Monday that there system was hacked into and peoples information was taken and compromised, the very next day the problem was fixed and their where no additional stories of any other compromising of accounts. The conclusion of this matter is there was lots of private information that was compromised by someone who entered
into the website illegally. There were a total of 100,000 plus customers emails that contained information that could have been purchased by different hackers. Hackers will go to whatever level they need to go in order to capture someone else’s information and use it. 
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