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Big Skinny Essay

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Good morning team
It has been brought to my attention that we are currently at a level in the company that needs to be addressed or we will face a significant downturn in terms of our output sales, and by extension, hurt profitability. It is absolutely imperative for us to formulate a solution that will in effect adjust our business objective and outlook to get big skinny to the world and not just have success via fairs and expo’s.
Big Skinny’s success could be hanging in the balance if we don’t adjust and ...view middle of the document...

Here before us are our Marketing/Advertising Manager Mrs. Petagaye Francis, our IT Manager Ms. Gracian Grant, our Warehouse and Distribution Manager Ms. Maxine Grant and our Finance Manager Ms. Sashelle Gooden.
They will take you through the steps that we are about to take that will revolutionize Big Skinny to ensure longevity of the company and to show you our investors where will be in the next 3 – 5 years with the changes that we are about to implement.
First, Marketing/advertising will tell you of the challenges that Big Skinny is faced with and what will be implemented to avert these challenges for the long-term good of Big Skinny.
Then our IT Manager will tell you about the current conditions faced by Big Skinny in reaching the customers and what our plans for us to reach our customers easier with the click of a mouse.
Our Warehouse manager will then take us through the process then and now when an order is placed for a Big Skinny Wallet, to when it is delivered.
Then finally our Finance manager will take us through the level of investment that has being received by Big Skinny in an effort to make top seller of thin wallets.

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