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Big Brother Is Watching You Essay

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Big Brother is Watching You
Russell Edward Brand has been known for a lot of controversy throughout his career. As a famous 38-year-old comedian, actor and a great author, ‘Big Brother is Watching You’ is yet another commentary where Russell Brand clears up his mind, with what he allegedly considers a righteous statement. Of English origin, Russell Brand wrote ‘Big Brother is Watching You’ to express his thoughts about the 2011 England riots, which were taking place on the 6th to 11th September in London, along with several other cities in England.
Russell Brand’s main point of the statement is to criticize the British Home Secretary, Theresa May, with her ways of handling the riots. ...view middle of the document...

Russell acknowledges that he is not quite politically knowledgeable. However, he still has certain considerable points about how he believes that politicians are causing deprivation in society, especially among the younger citizens, which causes them to protest. Russell Brand uses a speech from 2006 as an example where the Prime Minister David Cameron argued the mind of the young generation. Russell uses the phrase “hug-a-hoodie” that David Cameron used during his speech to point out the quirky method of solely and deliberately promoting oneself as a politically involved individual to gain more supporters than to actually practice what they verbalize. That is exactly what Russell Brand’s following quote states:
“I remember Cameron saying "hug a hoodie" but I haven't seen him doing it. Why would he? Hoodies don't vote, they've realised it's pointless, that whoever gets elected will just be a different shade of the "we don't give a toss about you" party.”(line 112)
Russell Brand also wrote the following:
“If we don't want our young people to tear apart our communities then don't let people in power tear apart the values that hold our communities together.” (line 105)
What Russell Brand means by this, is that the government is in charge of maintaining a sustainable society just as much as the young generation itself, since the governmental changes destroy the values to the human spirit. Though it seems clear for most people, the government does not want to face the fact that the rioters merely protest due to their powerless position in society. They will continue incendiarism, looting and whatever that they can do to prevail and obtain the idealistic and social image that they desire.
The article ‘Big Brother is Watching You’ is mostly based on Russell’s own experience and what he considers logical to the individual person’s rights. He...

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