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Bible Project Essay

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Bible Dictionary Project

Name: Beverly Aguilar

Student ID: 25739993

Course:Bible 104


Old Testament Bible Dictionary Project:

Abraham: The book of Genesis is in which we find the story of Abraham. The Author of Genesis is Moses. Genesis talks about the beginning of our existence, to be exact the Israelites. It’s an introduction of what God created. Abraham was married to a lady named Sara. She was not able to give birth until her late 90’s. She made Abraham have a son with Hagar, their Egyptian slave. Later god told Sara that he would give her a son named Issac, Sara Laughed at god. Thus, Abraham always believed in god he had he’s son Issac. Abraham is a very ...view middle of the document...

Genesis also talks about what God’s plan for us was until sin came upon to the world. Abraham was a huge part of historical importance in gensis for his great convenant. Another important person in Genesis is Noah and his ark. Noah was a man of faith as well as Abraham, they both listened to Gods’ Commands. Issac was a promise god made to Abraham. Issac had a son named Jacob who betrayed his fathers convenant god showed mercy towards him and Abraham convenant. Joseph was greatly used by God, Jacob’s truly loved son. God gave Joseph a gift of dreams, dreams he could interpret. His brothers envied him and sold him to the Egyptians. Genesis is full of great examples to follow and events to have as an example of following god’s will.

Daniel: Daniel means “God is my judge.” Daniel is said to be a prophet and he even has a book named after him. The Book of Daniel, is primarily an apocaplytical source of the old testament. The first part of the book of Daniel is about him being taken away to Babylon in August 605 BC. It was Daniel and three other friends of him, the Four Hebrews is what they are known for in the book. They had to learn to write and read the language of Babylon at that...

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