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Bible Essay

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Era 2 Summary

Corban Wyatt
Mr. Dr. Ligoia
Exploring the Bible
Fall 8B
29 October 2012

In the Bible, Abraham may be the most faithful servant of God. God called Abraham, formerly Abram, to leave Ur, his hometown. Abraham did so without knowing what God had planned for him .God then directly asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac, by killing him, as a test of faith. With the knife raised above his son, God spoke to Abraham and told him not to kill his son. This revealed the ...view middle of the document...

This covenant promised God’s creation of a chosen nation through Abraham’s descendants, through which humanity would overcome the implications of the Fall and return humankind to its original blessed state. God revealed himself to each of the patriarchs in a special manner. This allowed the patriarchs to have strong faith in Him, and enabled them to demonstrate and share their faith with others. God has many characteristics that allow him to relate with humans. In one instance, God wrestles with Jacob. He wrestles with him in as human, until Jacob is exhausted. Jacob tries relentlessly, but is unable to win. God demonstrates his power over Jacob through this wrestling. It allows Jacob to yield to God’s boundless power. God then blesses Jacob with twelve sons who formed the basis of the nation of Israel. From this nation, and therefore from Abraham as well, Jesus was born. This fulfilled God’s promise through Abraham to enable humanity to overcome the effects of the fall. Joseph was the most favored son of Jacob, and he gave him a beautiful robe. Because of this, his brothers resented him, and sold him to slavery. Joseph was then exalted in Egypt when the king learned of his powers to interpret dreams. Joseph was able to reunite with his brothers, who had since been transformed to be more like Christ, and move his family into the wonderful land of Egypt.

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