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Week 5 Tutorial Exercise
Business Performance Management

Task 1 Answer to Discussion Question:
1. How does a KPI differ from an operational metric?
2. What are some of the drawbacks of relying solely on financial metrics for measuring performance?
3. How does a BSC align strategies and actions?
4. What does Six Sigma refer to?
5. What are some of the ways that the success of Six Sigma ...view middle of the document...

Are they referring to the same basic ideas? Provide evidence to support your answer
7. BPM encompasses five basic processes: strategize, plan, monitor, act and adjust. Select one of these processes and discuss the types of software tools and applications that are available to support it.
8. Select a public company of interest. Using the company’s 2008 annual report, create five strategic financial objectives for 2009. For each objective, specify a strategic goal or target. The goals should be consistent with the company’s 2008 financial performance.
Task 2 Case Study : Application Case CPR
1. What are the major components of the CPR dashboard?
2. How many agencies were involved in the definition and implementation of the CPR dashboard?
3. What were the major steps used in defining and implementing the CPR?
4. What role did “themes” play in the CPR dashboard?
5. What are the major capabilities of the CPR dashboard?
6. What can businesses learn from a government initiative like the CPR?

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