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Best Practice Guide For A Ddos Attack

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Best Practice Guide for a DDoS Attack
WGU – LOT2 Hacking Task 2

This paper will accompany a PowerPoint presentation about best practices for preventing a DDoS attack. This will be the best practice guide and will be mentioning and elaborating all of the points in the slideshow.

Best Practice Guide for a DDoS Attack
It is important to have a plan in place when dealing with a DDoS attack. This guide will serve as the best practice guide for the university. Outlined will be some of the best practices to help prevent a DDoS attack and will be followed by the university.
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Firewalls are usually the first line of defense and are good way to provide a basic form of protection. The basic principle of a firewall is to block and allow traffic through the network. This is all done through access control policies so whoever is setting up the firewalls needs to know what they need to block and allow. (Robertson, P., Curtin, M., & Ranum, M., 2004) This is why an intrusion prevention system is good to add along firewalls. These systems are designed to monitor and prevent malicious activity from gaining access to your network. These are preferred over intrusion detection systems because they only detect and will not prevent traffic.
The computer lab will now need to be secured to help deter against DoS and DDoS attacks. The first thing that will need to be done is to secure access to the computer labs. This can be accomplished by installing cipher locks to the doors that require a password or better yet, install an electronic access panel that can be opened by access badges or cards. This will allow you to keep an electronic record of who enters the lab and at what time.
Each computer will only be accessible by signing in and being assigned a specific computer. Each user will only be able to use a guest account while they are on the computer. This will prevent them from installing any type of password sniffing software or any other malicious software. The administrators will be the only ones that know the administrator password used on all the computers. The standard of 2 uppercase, 2 lowercase, 2 numbers and 2 special characters and minimum of ten characters long will be used when creating the admin password. The password will be changed every 30 days so if a brute force attack were ever successful, the password...

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