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Benefits Of Decriminalizing Marijuana Essay

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The Benefits of Decriminalizing Marijuana

There are so many benefits to be derived from the herb Marijuana, yet it sparks so much controversy, as policymakers probe the aspect of legalizing the possession and use of this plant. Marijuana also called Cannabis sativa when used correctly provides many benefits to one’s health. It can also be used to develop the psychological being of an individual. The legalization of Marijuana will lead to a reduction in drug related crimes. Therefore, I firmly believe that Marijuana should be decriminalized worldwide.
Marijuana is sometimes referred to as a medicinal plant. The leaves and buds have been used in herbal remedies and cures for years. There ...view middle of the document...

It was also used to treat intestinal pain, cholera, epilepsy, strychnine poisoning, bronchitis, whooping cough, and asthma. (American Cancer Society, 2012)
The use of marijuana balances the atomic nervous system which then produces an effect on the mind that is both relaxing and energizing. The use of marijuana creates a feeling of accomplishment it also makes one perceive life in a different sense making one more carefree and tolerant. Because of its ability to increase one’s awareness, psychologists in the early 1960s used marijuana widely in therapeutic studies. Marijuana also acts as a calming agent. In the sense that it de-emphasizes extreme aggression making one more receptive.
If Marijuana were decriminalized, individuals who partake in the illegal sales and distribution of drugs will experience a reduction in consumer’s demands. Therefore, the need to smuggle it would become non-existent. This reduction in demand will eventually lead to price decreases. Lowered prices will lead to a reduction in profits forcing a reduction in sales and extensively the termination of illegal trafficking, distribution and even possession. The business venture will be less lucrative while countries rich in production will have increased investment opportunities with a chance to enhance its economy. This measure would also help to lower the crime rate. If the need to engage in criminal activities to source or receive the product were eliminated, individuals will opt for the saver, cheaper options of retrieving the product.
There are often many speculations that long...

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