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Bench/ Paper

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Jaeomi Valencia 2 AD – 3
STRENGTHS * Strong brand personality * Good quality products at affordable prices * Specifically cater to the needs of the target market * Strategic store locations * Strategic advertising * Strong set of local | WEAKNESSES * Products don’t appeal as much to the high class market * Very limited TV and radio advertisements |
OPPORTUNITIES * Increase market shares in the succeeding years * Create more new and improved products, also those that appeal to the high class market * Open more stores, especially in foreign ...view middle of the document...

Bench is the pioneer in using celebrity endorsers, television and giant billboards. Currently, Bench has now a ladies’ line, underwear, fragrances, housewares, snacks, and a wide array of other lifestyle products. Present virtually every retail space in the Philippines. Bench/’s worldwide network of stores and outlets has already reached as far as the United States, the Middle East and China.

Bench/ offers a wide variety of products from clothing, cosmetics, lingerie, accessories and even snacks.
Price is what makes Bench/ standout from their other competitors. They cater to class B and C which means that their prices do not go overboard. They make sure to maintain their price range affordable for the mass.
Bench/ has a total of 584 stores in the Philippines. They also have outlets in the United States, China, and the Middle East.
Bench/ makes use promotions via internet. They have provided their costumers with online shopping on their website. They use traditional advertising such as newspapers, radios, magazines, billboards, and a lot more.

Bench/’s target markets are males and females, ages 12-25 from classes B and C. Mainly focusing on 18 year olds. The tweeners that want to feel mature and independent like 18 year olds and 25 year olds who want to feel like 18 again.

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