Being Late Talks A Lot Of Your Personality

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Name: Jessica Colmenares I.D 19.515.535

Being late says a lot about your personality.

Nowadays, being late is one of the biggest problems in our country. People really don’t care to arrive early, even for important events. Are Venezuelan people accustomed to arrive late? This is a good question, and for my personal experience I think that we are accustom to arrive late which includes in classes. Is normal being 30 minutes late? This is not well seen by people from another country especially people from United States. I agree with that because I think that our time is valuable. We ...view middle of the document...

How can we being more punctual? The only way to change this is to stop doing so many activities during the day. For example, my best friend studies at night, works in the morning, and has to take care of her daughter. She does not have time to do anything, and her lifestyle is something stressful. Maybe the reason she is always late and hurried is because she has many things to do in a day. For me do many things is just an excuse because people from another country have to do many things too and they are still being punctual. And traffic? I don’t think so because if you are punctual you always try being on time. I was thinking carefully about why people are late, and the most popular excuse is: Traffic, in my opinion people are late yes because the answer sounds funny but people from Venezuela are accustomed to arrive late, it is part of our culture. We were born with, and now it is almost impossible to change this behavior. People are always giving reasons for the lateness, but for me that are just excuses.

Being on time is important for academic success. Students, who are always on time, earn the best grades, win scholarships, and get into great colleges. A big example of this is my cousin, she is so dedicated to her studies, and she is always on time for everything. What is wrong with her? Well, nothing because she graduated with the best grades and, she won a scholarship to go to studying to England in order to improve her English. What is that telling me? That I have to try being more punctual to get academic success as she did. Although in the business world,...

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