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1. What is the objective of your investment? In case of selecting more than one option as your answer, please indicate your preferences by numbering them in order of your priority Maximum priority -1, least priority -5 a) Stability of principle shelter b) Income generation c) capital appreciation d) growth in income e) Tax

2. What is your most preferable ...view middle of the document...

If you have Rs 1 lac and 5 possible investment alternatives as below how much will you invest in them?( you can allocate full amount in one particular alternative also) a) Bank deposits_________ b) Investing in blue chip stocks________ c) Investing in a venture capital fund ___________ d) Investment in insurance ---------------e) Investment in mutual fund----------

8. What is your income per annum? a) Less than 1.5 lacs b) 1.5 – 3 lacs. c) >3 – 5 lacs d) >5 – 7 lacs e) >7 -10 lacs f) >10 lacs 9. What is your current age? a) Less than 25years b) 25-30 c) 31-40 d) 41-50 e) 51-60 f) Greater than 60 years 10.What is the number of dependent members in your family? a) 0 b) 1

c) 2 d) 3 e) 4 f) 5 g) More than 5

11.What is your current occupation? a) Service b) Business c) Independent profession d) Vocation (where specific skills are required) e) Retired

12.What is your main source of information about the investment market? a) Print media (including newspapers like business standard, ET) b) Television (including CNBC, NDTV etc) c) Websites from the internet d) Reference groups e) From the broker/fund manager

13.What will be the first preference as a broking firm? a) ICICI bank) b) HDFC securities c) Motilal Oswal d) Share khan e) India Infoline f) Religare g) others( if others please mention)

14.In case of selection of broking firm, what attributes do you think most important? a) Proximity of the firm with residence/office b) Lower brokerage c) Supporting research & development department d) Service of the firm e) Any others( Please mention)

15.If you prefer to invest in stock markets, which sector will you opt for preferably? In case of...

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