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Beer Game Essay

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Q1.How did you manage the decision process throughout the game? How do you analyze your results? Do you feel you were successful in terms of backorders as well as levels of inventories (0,5 page max)? 
We can’t increase or decrease the order imminently. According to the demand by retailer and supply by distributor under the shipments state.
I think our backorder is too high because we can’t get the enough products from ...view middle of the document...

It leads to a high backorder cost. And for another weeks, we need to pay a huge stock cost because the shipment come together and demand decreased.
According to me, I don’t think that we were totally successful as the backorders were collected due to delayed delivery by distributor, but eventually the demand and supply were understood by all the players, therefore we finished our backorders and were also finishing the extra inventory and demanding goods according to demands of retailer.
Q2.Check out the results of the other players in your supply chain. What are your observations? Are there importance differences? If so, how would you explain these differences in a supply chain where players all depend on the very same end-customers (0,5 page max)? 

In the mid weeks i.e. 10 – 20 we observe that due to slow communication of information and the supply issue of backorders started to emerge but it was later controlled as we understood the demand pattern of the market. In the 10-20 week, distributor increase their order and give factory a wrong indication. Especially, factory’s predict for the demand is very large and it leads their cost increase very quickly.

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