Becoming A Mentor Essay

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Angela Feliz
Fieldwork #7

Becoming a mentor was one of my goals as a teacher. I am a person who likes to help other people and teach. This year my principal gave me the opportunity to mentor a novice teacher and for the first three week of March, I attended to a mentoring workshop. Through the training I realized that being a mentor it is a huge responsibility, and at the same time a great opportunity for me to learn ...view middle of the document...

I also have to assist her/his in interpreting the student’s behaviors and meanings and helps the novice discovers how to further his/her learning. In other words, as an experienced teacher, it is my job to foster the novice teacher’s learning and attend his/her needs, while maintaining the curriculum and ensuring effective and meaningful student learning.
It is the sum importance for me to become an effective mentor. I really want to share with other people my passion for teaching, caring for children and my commitment to the teaching profession. During the training I learned that if I really want to become an effective mentor, I should be approachable, positive, reflective and able to learn from mistakes. Also, I should be a good communicator able to listen, give feedback and problem solving. Furthermore, I should understand and accept the novice’s concerns and needs and be willing to spend time and give suggestions. Additionally, I must be a life-long learner. I think the mentor’s role is critical in the professional life of a teacher. A good mentor will make a difference in a life of a teacher and I really want to make that difference.

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