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Beast Essay

535 words - 3 pages

5 Star 5 Days Cape Town Package


Orange Wi-Fi On Board
Day 1: City Tour
* Transfer From Cape Town Airport To Hotel
* Your City Tour In Cape Town Will Enable You To Discover The Multi-Ethnic Character And Historical Wealth Of The City Through Visits To The SA Museum, The Company Gardens, The Colourful Malay Quarter With Its Muslim Community, The City Centre And The District 6 Museum. Finally From The Top Of Signal Hill, You Will Gaze In Awe At The Splendour Of The Mother City (Cable Car To Table Mountain Is obtional). (Scheduled Tour)
* Night At The Hotel: Pepper Club Hotel 5*

Day 2: Inverdoorn Safari
* Breakfast
* Full Day Tour To Inverdoorn Game Reserve, 2 1/2 Hours From Cape Town. At Inverdoorn A 2 Hour Game Drive Will Afford You ...view middle of the document...

On Our Return Trip, We Pass Through Simon's Town (S.A's Naval Base), Traverse The Fishing Port Of Kalk Bay And The Lush Suburb Of Constantia. The Tour Ends With A Visit To The Renowned Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. (Scheduled Tour)
* Night At The Hotel: Pepper Club Hotel 5*

Day 4: Winelands Tour
* Breakfast
* Discover The Wine Route. Learn Everything There Is To Know About Wines, From The Vineyard To The Bottle. Visit A Wine Estate, The Town Of Franschhoek With Its Huguenot Memorial. Admire The Quaint Historical Town Of Stellenbosch. (Tour Includes 3 Wine Tastings And A Cheese Tasting). (Scheduled Tour)
* Night At The Hotel: Pepper Club Hotel 5*

Day 5: Cape Town
* Breakfast
* Transfer From Hotel To Cape Town Airport

* Return Transfers To Cape Town Airport
* Full Day Safari
* Peninsula And Winelands
* Half Day City Tour
* 4 Nights Accommodation At A 5* Hotel Including Breakfast
Not included: 
* Lunches
* Dinners
* Personal Expenses
Accomadation - R2660*4 = R10640
Lunch & Dinners - R 500*4 = R2000
Transport - R 320*5 = R1600

Total cost p.p = R14240

3 day safari in kruger national park

Day 1: (JHB to Nelspruit to Kruger national park)
* Breakfast on airport (R100 p.p)
* Lunch in Nelspruit (R200 p.p)
* Arive late afternoon at Kruger national park, dinner is included

Day 2: (Kruger national park)
* Breakfast early the mornig before the game drive
* Brunch after the game drive
* Recieve dinner after late afternoon game drive
Day 3: (Kruger national park to JHB)
* Breakfast
* The last game drive
* Recive a Lunch at Nelspruit (R200 p.p)
* Arive at JHB
* Unlimited botteld water
* Wine with lunch and dinner
* Lunch
* All transport
Safari (included transport) - R10300
Extra dinner and lunches - R1590
Total price p.p = R14240

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