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Beach Cleanliness: Market Research Essay

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Executive Summary
The research proposal titled “A study of consumer attitudes towards beach cleanliness” aims to quantify the patterns of beach visits using suitable techniques. The study was set up in Kozhikode with Calicut city beach and Kappad beach as the sites for observation. The broad goal of this study was to find out the effect of cleanliness of beach on the visits of respondents. Along with cleanliness, several other parameters such as safety, personal and social desirability, amenities, convenience, etc. were studied. These parameters were obtained after extensive study of literature available in this field. With regard to cleanliness, the focus was on cleanliness of the beach as ...view middle of the document...

Beaches as such do not constitute any kind of industry as private beaches do not exist as per the law of the land. So, charging a premium for cleanliness was a novel idea which needed promotion. Revenue could be increased either by charging extra premium or by increasing the visitor inflow. It was observed that the easier path is to increase the revenue. Few of the techniques employed were principal axis factoring, reliability test and regression analysis.
On the whole, it was observed that not everyone is interested in paying a premium for beach cleanliness and beach cleanliness in fact is not the primary motivator for the respondents in their decision making process. Barring these, the response was encouraging as people generally agreed to pay a certain amount to get a cleaner beach with the amenities reciprocating the cleanliness of the beach.
Problem Definition
The parameters obtained after extensive literature review were:

The broad definition of the problem was to study the implication of cleanliness and other parameters mentioned above on the premium that can be charged to the people visiting the beach.
The specific components related to the problem are:
 The criteria people use to decide their visit to the beach
 Is cleanliness one of the criteria?
 Which variables are attributed to cleanliness and the other parameters?
 Is there a premium involved with cleanliness and other parameters?
 What should be the approximate price charged in case there is a premium involved?
These components enable the researcher to gain a proper insight into the problem. In this case, the main problem is to quantify the effect of cleanliness and other parameters on the decision making of the visitors by finding out the premium they are willing to pay for availing the services. At this stage, cleanliness is not the only construct under consideration. Other factors such as amenities and convenience are given equal weightage while collecting the responses.
In the second half of the research when the focus was only on the effect of cleanliness, the broad definition changed to study the implication of cleanliness on the premium that can be charged to the people visiting the beach.
Similarly, the specific components change to:
- Which variables are attributed to cleanliness?
- Is there a premium involved with cleanliness?
- What should be the approximate price charged in case there is a premium involved?

Approach to the problem
The approach to the problem involved five different components. They are:
 Theoretical Framework
As part of analyzing the different studies already conducted regarding beach cleanliness and other factors related to premium payment, following research papers were studied and the observations incorporated in the research. The research papers include:
- A pilot study for sustainable tourism in the coastal zone of Antalya, Turkey
- Willingness to pay as an economic instrument for coastal tourism management

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