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Battle Of The Buldge Essay

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I’m looking to loose 20-25 lbs; enough to alleviate the painful pressure I experience constantly in my lower back and the difficulty it is to walk or stand on my right leg.

Ever since I began working from home I became idle; not getting a lot of exercise, I was eating more ut no exercising enough. In order to talk this pressure from my body I need to lose weight and I don’t have the will power to do so. So its’ eith a incorporate a ...view middle of the document...

I must be cautious of the equipment and how I push myself to not to cause more damage to my back. To over exert myself. Either way I chose I will begin to feel better about myself. However f I do not change my lifestyle of eating better and having daily regimen of healthy exercising I will gain all this weight back, plus more.
I need to look a the pros and cons f both. What concerns me is that by having an alternate procedure done this will become costly and I wouldn’t’ be able to continue to afford it. After researching both I came to conclusion that I will begin a lifestyle change. Begin to eat better. . First I will incorporate a exercise plan that will consist of working out at least 3x and meet with a fitness trainer. Gradually change my diet. Removing the sugars, high cholesterol l foods and carbs. Learning to prepare my foods differently with less of these ingredients.

I intend on starting my life change by the end of January and if by the first couple of weeks into march I feel a difference in my energy level, then I will know that I have made the right choice and I will continue. I am not just loosing with high , I am learning to promote a healthier way of living.

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