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Batch Essay

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1. INTRODUCTION Management Information System (MIS) provides information for the managerial activities in an organization. The main purpose of this research is, MIS provides accurate and timely information necessary to facilitate the decision-making process and enable the organizations planning, control, and operational functions to be carried out effectively. Management Information System (MIS) is basically concerned with processing data into information and is then communicated to the various Departments in an organization for appropriate decision-making. 
2. SCOPE OF STUDY the term "MIS" arose to describe such applications providing managers with ...view middle of the document...

Transaction processing systems: Management information systems (MIS), per se, produce fixed, regularly scheduled reports based on data extracted and summarized from the firm’s underlying transaction processing systems to middle and operational level managers to identify and inform structured and semi-structured decision problems. VARIOUS TYPES OF MIS
7. Marketing information systems are MIS designed specifically for managing the marketing aspects of the business. Executive information systems (EIS) is a reporting tool that provides quick access to summarized reports coming from all company levels and departments such as accounting, human resources and operations.
8. School management information systems (MIS) cover school administration and often including teaching and learning materials. Office automation systems (OAS) support communication and productivity in the enterprise by automating work flow and eliminating bottlenecks. OAS may be implemented at any and all levels of management.
9. ADVANTAGE • the following are some of the benefits that can be attained for different types of management information systems.
10. Giving an overall picture of the company and acting as a communication and planning tool. Companies are able to highlight their strengths and weaknesses due to the presence of revenue reports, employees' performance record etc. The identification of these aspects can help the company improve their business processes and operations.
11. Information is considered to be an important asset for any company in the modern competitive world. The consumer buying trends and behaviors can be predicted by the analysis of sales and revenue reports from each operating region of the company. The availability of the customer data and feedback can help the company to align their business processes according to the needs of the...

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