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Basketball Essay

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There are a view different shots on a basketball court. One of them is the lay-up, or the in close shot. The lay-up is the easiest shots in basketball, same with the in close shot. All the player has to do is gently hit the ball against the backboard, or the square behind the rim, and ball bounces nicely in the hoop. This shot has the highest percentage of going in. But it is always the easiest to mess up. One wrong bounce, or you hit it just to hard and ball goes bouncing out of the court. Another factor is nervousness. You could just miss that easy shot simply ...view middle of the document...

Even an inexperienced player can hit this shot occasionally. You can also bank it in from here, but that adds a little more difficulty. You have to be at an angle and just touch it off the glass gently and in the right spot.

The free throw is the next shot we will examine. This shot you are able to take your time, and there is no defense of you. You are able to line up your shot and calmly knock it down. You can get set and see where you want to hit it, whether it is a swoosh it, or rattle in. This shot does put a lot of pressure on a shooter because these are easy shots, no defense on you. So you want to make sure you make them, so you are constantly thinking about that. This shot is 15 feet out, so it’s not a lay-up but it’s not a three pointer either.

The last shot is a three pointer. It is roughly twenty feet out depending on which league you play in, and it is a difficult shot. The range and the defense play huge factors into this shot. You have to have the right touch, and the right amount of arc to go in. Just a slingshot shot will not go in. It takes skill and precision. Even some of the best NBA players only make high 30’s low 40’s percentage wise on these shots. That means out of every 100 only about 35-40 will go in, and that’s NBA players. This is the hardest of the four shots.

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