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Baseball Essay

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Dr. Gray
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September 23, 2013
The Salary Cap Home Run
Imagine an owner of a baseball team who could only afford to pay $30 million to all of the players, at the same time a competitor could pay $230 million to get all of the best players. Do you think the team with only $30 million would ever stand a chance of competing against them in a playoff race? With no spending rules in place this is becoming the new reality in Major League Baseball. The lack of a salary cap in baseball is allowing teams that have money to spend extravagantly, giving those teams an unfair advantage over those that cannot afford heavy spending. While spending big does not ...view middle of the document...

In 2013, eighteen players will receive $20 million or more, four of those playing for the New York Yankees, the team with the highest payroll in the league. The biggest of all being Yankees player Alex Rodriguez who will earn $28 million for the season. One might argue that a talented player should be paid for their skill. I believe this as well. But when you look at teams like the Houston Astros, whose total team payroll will be just over $21 million for the year, you start to see how they will never be able to compete with a team that is allowed to spend $200 million plus to buy all of the top talent. The best way to even things out would be with a salary cap. If a team were limited to a cap around $100 million, the more talented, higher-paid players would have to be more spread out among the league. If a low income team were to have the opportunity to acquire a superstar player, odds are that their chances of winning could increase. As a result, a team that can currently spend to stack their team with the best would be restricted and would become more like the other teams in the league.
Can a salary cap actually help even the playing field in baseball? It has worked for other sports. For example, the National Football League implemented a salary cap in 1994 as a way to curb excessive spending. Before they started using the salary cap, if a team had ten wins out of sixteen games in one season, it was fifty-four percent more likely they would perform the same the following year. After the cap only forty-one of the teams with ten wins went on to repeat the same winning percentage the next year. This has made some teams less dominant and essentially...

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