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Barriers To Effective Communication Essay

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Barriers to Effective 1

Barriers to Effective Communication
Cyndi White
October 31, 2011
Stewart Stanfield

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The process of communication and its components
When it comes to the criminal justice system, communication plays a very crucial part; it will be the key element for success. Each and every officer, from a rookie all the way up to the chief of police, must be able to speak, listen and understand each person they come in contact with on a daily basis. In the field of Criminal Justice there is no room for any type of poor communication while they are doing their job, it would be a waste time and energy for both parties ...view middle of the document...

When transmitting an idea it can be done in many ways such as; orally, by some kind of action or be done in writing. Yet, no matter what way the medium is used to send a message it will more than likely be interpreted in a different way. The third step is receiving the message, and needs to be acted upon in order to be able to act on it. The fourth step, understands the idea, and this is where if the message is not fully understood then it will be impossible to be able to give a feedback. Finally step five is providing feedback to the message sender, and this is the last step in the communication process. This is where the sender receives feedback to let them know that the message was understood.
Differences between listening and hearing in communication
When it comes to listening and hearing in communication, a person can listen to what is being said without actually looking at the person that is speaking to them. Yet, in order to hear what is actually being said from someone, a person must clear their mind completely out and pay attention. Another reason that people to do not listen to each is because it is force of habit. A lot time this will start early in childhood, and without a certain environment and training they will never be able to listen to what someone has to say. For officers there are three important steps in the listening process. “First, the officer should try to avoid developing a preconceived notion of the speaker or the message” (Wallace & Roberson, 2009, chapter 4). Secondly, the officer may have to use a language system for different types of cultures. Finally, the officer might need to retain the message that they heard earlier later on. “Tonight there was an incident at the corner

Barrier of Effective 4
of my street where there was a drive by shooting type of situation, and the officers that came to the scene had to listen to each individual on what exactly happened. Since there was more than witness to what happened, each of the officers took each witness one by one and talked to them. This way they were listening and hearing to what was being exactly said by each one of the witnesses. At first all of the witnesses were trying to talk at once, and the officers were having a hard time understanding exactly what happened.” This was a great way of an officer showing the listening and hearing skills that were taught to them.
The formal and informal channels of communication in Criminal Justice organizations
“Channels and directions of communication deal with the flow or movement of information from the sender to the recipient” (Wallace & Roberson, 2009 chapter 4). The main two channels that are used in any type of organization would be formal and informal.
Formal channels are the more traditional form of communication that are used within police organizations and will usually follow a chain of command. These normally consist of some form of formal orders or written memorandums. This way...

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