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Barclay Time Line Essay

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Barclaycard time line

1950 Launch of the Travel and Entertainment cards by Diners Club this meant bills from Hotels and restaurants could be reimbursed by the issuer similar cards by American Express and Carte Blanche followed.

1958 Bank America launched the BankAmericacard

1965 Bank America had established a successful franchising system through marketing activities and establishment of large merchant network. customers were provided with a national and eventually an international network of service points which later became Visa credit cards were expanding rapidly.

1965 Barclays was the first UK bank to recognise the potential of credit cards. Barclays negotiated a franchise ...view middle of the document...

Barclaycard’s Management team migrated the entire operations from the US. Including the American’s computer programs and the terms and conditions of service to both retailers/merchants and cardholders

1988 Duality was introduced where banks could issue both Visa and MasterCard this was later challenged at the ends of the 1990s in the US by the Federal Government and powerful retailer groups (who wanted to promote their own cards)

1990 Barclaycard MasterCard is launched

1990’s Customer disloyalty was experienced by new card entrants once the zero interest rate ended thus the customers switched, Barclay however kept its deflection rates to 5% per annum

1992 UK government launches an inquiry on interest rates charged for outstanding credit card balances’ as a result of the inquiry banks and credit card issuers agreed to make credit card charges more transparent and easier to understand

1995 Barclay’s share of new cards issued dropped down to 15% of total new acquired customers below their ongoing market share of 30% of the market

1995 Barclaycard introduces its Gold card immediately acquiring 90,000 Gold customers pushing its market share to 30% of new credit cards issued
1995 Barclaycard is the first UK credit card company to go on the Internet with Barclaycard Net link
1995-6 Barclaycard spent £12 million on advertising Barclaycard becomes the most recognised financial brand in the UK

1999 Barclays announced that it would charge non customers for using its ATM machines withdrawn after being vilified in the press

2000 Barclaycard’s transactions volume grew by 12% charges for bad and doubtful debts increased by 34%

2000 Visa secured its position as the worlds most widely used plastic accounting for US$1.9 billion with 60% of the global market Barclaycards UK franchise with...

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