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Bank Security Using Secure Socket Layer Bank Security Using Secure Socket Layer Bank Security Using Secure Socket Layer

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Chapter Two
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- It creates an encrypted connection that provides the sending of the data from one source to another using the SSL.

- SSL provides a way to ensure that the security is being provided to the transaction and the data in use.

- The lock is used to display the browsers connection is closed or opened on the secure channel of SSL or TLS.
2.2 Users of the Secure Socket Layer

2.3 Components of the Secure Socket Layer in Banks
* SSL Handshake Protocol
* negotiation of security algorithms and parameters
* key exchange
* server authentication and optionally client authentication
* SSL Record Protocol
* Fragmentation(a phenomenon of computer storage)
* compression
* message authentication and integrity protection
* encryption
* SSL Alert Protocol
* error messages (fatal alerts and warnings)
* SSL Change Cipher Spec Protocol
* a single message that indicates the end of the SSL handshake

2.4 Problems of the Secure Socket Layer in Bank
Digital certificates provide security to websites by encrypting sensitive data and verifying the identity of the websites that are secured.
We provide these certificates as a service to website owners to ensure the security of online communications.
SSL problem messages and warnings are often displayed in an attempt to protect website users from potentially compromising situations. However, an SSL error message may also indicate a problem that is entirely significant in nature. In this second case, there is often an issue either with the website you are...

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