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Bank Essay

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Analysis of standard chartered bank internet base and upcoming 3-year movements

1. Introduction

Standard Chartered Bank Limited (SCBL) online banking can manages your account anytime wherever you are. It provides different banking services in terms of financial transactions, cost-effective, user friendly and green transactions.

This report presents the detailed analysis of online banking as well as future strategic actions. It describes how online banking provides business and personal banking services worldwide.

Now let‘s me to introduce the history first.

2. Background

In line with standard chartered website, was established in 1969(SCBL2012A). SCBL

comes from ...view middle of the document...

Both export, Dave Chaffey and PR Smith recommended this system (Chaffey, 2008, last page). SOSTAC (PR Smith, 1993) stands for situation analysis, objective, strategy, tactics, actions and control.

4.1 Situation Analysis –where are we now?


SCBL is a well-known brand and have profited a large proportion of marketing

sharing in the worldwide. According to the SCB report, their net income is increasing.

It’s despite a decrease in its interest income and increase in its operation cost. They

offer internet banking to handle different consumer, it can be save more cost and time

to recruit more staff. SCBL control its cost and improves its operational efficiency to

earn better profits.

Otherwise customer have any question about the internet banking, they offer customer

to contact the 24-hour customer service hotline or send e-mail to them to solve their

question at the same time.

SCB offer daily tips thought the internet banking to help the customer. However SCB

provide useful tools about the hot news tips.


SCB only use the username & password to login the internet banking. Most of the

customers worry about the security measures. The customers afraid the Hacker stolen

their information to make customer get lost. Online customers lack the awareness of

the products. I think SCB can follow HSBC internet based. HSBC provide security

devices to login the internet banking. The security devices will post different digital

every time. It can double confirm about the security measures. On the other hand,

HSBC provide the

manager to handle the customer questions. They can provide the professional

knowledge to the customer immediately.


SCBL can earn a lot of money thought the internet banking. First of all, SCBL have to

offer many promotion thought the internet banking. It can attract more consumers to

spend time on their website. On the other hand, SCBL can operate 24hours hotline to

handle their financial question or internet questions. When it has become a trend,

SCBL can earn more money thought the internet banking easier, efficient, and

convenient etc…it also save the cost.


4.1Objective: where do we want to go?

Successful objectives and measure to assess performance are SMART; SMART is

used to assess the suitability of objectives set to drive different strategies (Chaffey,

2009) Figure 4.1.2 is talking about how the SMART objective present for SCBL to

meet its target.

| Specific | Measurable | Actionable | Realistic | Time |
Sell | Provide sales & service(Online) | Track by Google and Yahoo insights for search in order to monitor the sales | Encourage customer to online purchase that customer can enjoy discount price | Encourage customer to online purchase that customer can enjoy discount price | All of the objective are exported to see results within a quarterly...

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