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Bait And Switch Essay

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1. Does the fact that Betty drove three hours in one-hundred-degree heat have any bearing on whether or not the dealer must perform in accordance with the published advertisement?
The issue at hand is whether the customer has the right to claim the published advertisement, rather than her opinion that her travels were unpleasant because she drove many ...view middle of the document...

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is responsible for regulating false advertising and entrusted to protect consumers from what would be considered “bait and switch”. In this case, the fact that Betty drove three hours in one-hundred degree heat is not regulated by the FTC laws; therefore it has no relevance to the dealer.The fact that the customer drove three miles and had a difficult trip has nothing to do with the dealership. They are not obligated to sell Betty a car, whether she walked or drove 3 miles. I believe Betty only added the difficulty of her travels in her complaint to add dramatic effect. Advertisements are not actual offers but invitations for offers used to draw customers in. Though Betty could argue that she relied on the ad, the fact that Betty underwent some hardship in order to take advantage of the offer to purchase the truck does not obligate the dealership to accept her offer. The personal issues of the customer do not have to be considered by the dealer.

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