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Bactol Alcohol Marketing Plan Essay

6716 words - 27 pages

| Contents | Page |
1.0 | Executive Summary | 1 |
2.0 | Marketing Aspect of the Disease / Product Function | 2-3 |
| 2.1 | Definition (ICD code) | |
| 2.2 | Epidemiology | |
| 2.3 | Diagnosis | |
| 2.4 | Treatment | |
| 2.2 | Environmental factors | |
3.0 | Product Background | 3-4 |
4.0 | Target Market | 4-5 |
| 4.1 | Market Definition | |
| 4.2 | Current Market Value | |
| 4.3 | Market Potential | |
| 4.4 | Social and Regulatory Aspects | |
| 4.5 | Market Research Results | |
5.0 | Competitive Environment | 5-7 |
| 5.1 | Competing Product and Product Revenues | |
| 5.2 | Companies and Relevant Portfolios | |
| 5.3 | ...view middle of the document...

The new product, Bactol Alcohol Gel has different packaging for different type of customer: hand squeezing form, small and large bottle. For air transportation safety, it is available in packet of wipes. Its unique property compared to other common hand sanitizer is that it has 2 functions combined together: as antimicrobial handwashing with moisturizing property. Most sanitizer will cause skin drying, which lead to poor washing hygiene. Hence, this provides Bactol a good opportunity for market growth. It is not patented and can be easily bought at pharmacies, convenient stores or order online.
Bactol will face competition with various existing brand in the current market, such as Dettol and LIFEBUOY. Both claim to have superb effectiveness with their own unique properties: waterless, contain Vitamin E and has moisturizing hand sanitizer. Since Bactol is new product and it needs to build up brand knowledge and awareness in order to have impact on target market. Hence, effective internal communication plan is important. Contact to key person, publication, intranet, communication platform and the most important, sales force should be established. Besides, selecting the right external communication can ensure effective delivering of message to customers. As such, we aim to involve healthcare expert and board of health professional (Malaysia medical Association) to endorse and promote our product.
We target hospital staff, especially in private sector, as they are at more risk of contacting disease compared to normal community. Besides, Bactol can be sold at higher price to private compared to government sector, earning more profit. Other than that, family members, food service and manufacturing, wholesaler and distributor are potent target market too.
This marketing plan is planned for 5 years. We aim to increase 8% of revenue annually from second fiscal year, and gain at least 15% return on investment in the first 3 years and 25% thereafter.

2) Marketing Aspects of the Disease
2.1 Definition (ICD Code)
Hygiene of hand is very important, as they can be source of various infectious diseases. The causative agent may be viral, bacteria or parasites. Below are some examples of diseases that can be transmitted by either direct or indirect contact.
The first disease is common cold, with ICD-10 Code of J00. It is also known as nasophayngitis or rhinopharyngitis, which is a viral infectious disease of upper respiratory tract that affect the nose primarily. Most commonly, it is caused by rhinovirus (30-80%). Other virus include human coronavirus (15%), influenza virus (10-15%) and adenovirus(5%). Symptoms include coughing, sore throat, sneezing, runny nose and fever which will usually resolve in 7 to 10 days.1,5
Typhoid, also known as typhoid fever has the ICD-10 Code of A01. It is a type of food poisoning caused by Salmonella enterica bacterium. Children is the most susceptible to this disease, whereas young children, older adults...

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