Babbitt Ranches: Governance And Strategic Planning In Family Business

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Ethical decision-making refers to the process of evaluating and choosing among alternatives in a manner that are consistent with the principles of ethics and professional behavior (Blink, 2015). When making decisions, organizations often require commitment, consciousness, and competence. One interesting aspect of ethical decision-making is that they are not only morally “correct” but they are also effective. In other words, ethical decisions generate and maintain trust, demonstrate respect, responsibility, fairness, and caring, and are consistent with good citizenship.
Ethics is effective in guiding the organizations objectives as they relate to the corporate strategy. ...view middle of the document...

Realigning the organizational and stakeholder goals at this time was crucial for the future sustainment of the business. This was the opportune time for Mr. Cordasco to lead the organization returning to the founding focus of ranching and stewardship. It was the ethical values of the family related to the organization, ecology, economy and community (Majur, 2010) that was the catalyst for the implementation of the “multiple bottom line” goal established by the Board of Directors in 2000.
Points of Interest
The implementation of the multiple bottom line goal was initially gradual and unstructured. It was serval years after having served the organization so well with an operational regard, that the “multiple bottom line” goal boards formally approved its use. This is interesting to me, as I believe that often the more modern a business approach is the is the potential for the buy in period to take longer in practice than that may seem reasonable in theory. I further believe that with family business there is a higher level of intimacy and potentially emotion that is intertwined with the operations, and would potentially be a factor for the time it took to realign the family stakeholder needs of multiple generations as it related to the overall organizational stratagem.
As a future business leader, it always is of a surprise to find out that some of the most successful business have no clearly defined strategy for their teams. Formalizing a code of ethics for an organizational culture is one part of the challenge for promoting an ethical culture. Another part is practicing an ethical culture. Team members need to be able to see the commitment of leadership to ethics (Lundy, 2014). I don’t think that separating the company’s long-term goals should never have been treated as separate. I believe that the collaboration of the board and Mr., Cosadasco on both the long-term and daily operational goals should have been addressed together (Majur, 2010).
Points of Disagreement
Although I believe that the implementation of the Constitution played a significant role in addressing the purpose and guiding for Babbitt business operations for the future. This is just one of the steps that were necessary to enhance the sustainability of the organization. After the approval of both the Constitution and the multiple bottom line goals , Cordasco still needs to construct a plan for implementation and of a shared vision for how the company would measure and evaluate for effectiveness. I believe that the Constitution should have been a little more inclusive in terms of the non-family employees. It is crucial that everyone within the organization can identify and relate to the Constitution or an organization Code of Conduct.
As the organization pursues new business opportunities and end expands it is important that the new stakeholders value the organization's code of conduct as well. A solid code of conduct helps...

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