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final study guide
retailers - busn primarily from sale of retail
* classified 3 ways- pg 371
* amount of service
* product lines
* relative prices
* major types pg 377
* chain= 2+ outlets commonly owned and controlled
* voluntary chain= wholesale sponsored engage in group buying
* retailer cooperative= indépendant retailers set up central buying
* franchise organization
* merchandising conglomerate= combines diversified retailing lines under central ownership
* major decisions retailers face
* segmentation and targeting
* store differentiation and positioning (part of retail strategy)
* retail ...view middle of the document...

good for large equipment and luxury goods for foreigners
* industrializing economies= India brazil new rich class and small growing middle class demanded imports
* industrial economies= rich market for all goods
* GATT= 1947 promote world trade by - tariffs & setting global standards
* WTO= enforces GATT, mediates global disputes, and imposes trade sanctions
* free trade zones/ economic communities= nations organized to work toward common goals in the regulation of international trade
* EU= 1957 european union working to reduce barriers and increase free flow
* NAFTA= 1994 north american free trade agreement US Mexico and Canada
Chapter 17
* direct marketing online as turned from a supplementary approach it is used as the only approach
* setting up online presence
* setting up online social networks
* creating a website
* placing ads or promotions online
* using email
* COPPA= children's online privacy protection act
Chapter 18
* competitor analysis= must be done before you can create an effective marketing plan
* identifying competitors (harder than it seems)
* assessing competitor objectives,...

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