B2 B Sale And Negotiation Essay

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Sales & Distribution Management
Assignment – I
Last Date of Submission: 15th October 2014
Maximum Marks: 100

Assignment Code: 2014MM02B1

Attempt all the questions. All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks.


Explain the functions of a sales manager in any sales organization?


Explain the relative advantages of a line sales organization and line and staff Sales organization?


What are the statistical methods of sales forecasting?


What is the importance of sales quotas and what are its different types?
Case Study

Mr. Dillip Gangadharan is the vice-president (sales) of MRF Tyre Company, who is negotiating with Mr. ...view middle of the document...

Given the quality of our product, we feel that we don’t
have to negotiate with prices. The product can sell by itself.
Mr. Chandrapal Singh: What you mean is that you really want to stick to your large original equipment
manufacturers. Even with the volume we are offering you, you seem to be too greedy. If you really
want our business, you should try to do business with us. This take it or leave it attitude is going to
backfire for your business.
Mr. Dillip Gangadharan : Its OK. The company does not allow any of the salespeople to play with the
prices for any customers.
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Mr. Chandrapal Singh: What do you mean by this? With kind of volume we are offering, you are not
ready to come down on prices?
Mr. Dillip Gangadharan: That’s right. My company has got the best rated steel radial tyre in the
industry and we cannot afford to negotiate on price.
Mr. Chandrapal Singh: All right gentleman, you are missing an opportunity here for some big business;
if this is the way you do business, then I don’t find a day when you will be able to do business with us,
atleast as long as I am there in this company?

Case Questions:
a. Is this a good illustration of how negotiations should take place? What kind of bargaining tactics
are used by both the parties in this case?
b. What should Mr. Dillip Gangadharan have done to close the sale? Suggest a negotiation strategy
for him?

MM02/July 2014

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Sales & Distribution Management
Assignment – II
Last Date of Submission: 15th November 2014
Maximum Marks: 100

Assignment Code: 2014MM02B2

Attempt all the questions. All questions are compulsory and carry equal marks.



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