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Award In Education And Training Unit H/505/0053

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Award in Education and Training. UNIT H/505/0053

1.1The teaching role and responsibilities are best understood through ‘The learning and teaching cycle’. The cycle consists of five stages – at which stage you start is not important only that each is completed.

* Identify needs; normally done before any teaching, agreeing Individual Learning Plan, signposting to other professional bodies. Being aware of your own boundaries and limitations, determining a suitable physical learning environment for the learning experience to take place that factors individual learner needs.
* Planning & Design: Creating or adapting the session plan and required resources that embrace ...view middle of the document...

UNIT H/505/0053

Organisational guidelines, policies and procedures for who I teach for;
Equality Act 2010;
Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 also Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999;
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulation 2002;
Food Hygiene Regulations (2006);
Manual Handling Operation Regulations (1992);
Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) 2013;
The Food Hygiene (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2010;
Data Protection Act 1998.
1.3 A teacher has a responsibility to ensure inclusive teaching because each learner and has a legal entitlement to access the learning experience; irrespective of the learners’ age, ability, background, circumstance or challenges. Therefore equality is based upon the rights of the learner. Whereas diversity relates to recognising and accepting the differences that makes them an individual such as their religious belief, age, background, ability, gender, sexual orientation or learning barriers/challenges

1.4 A teacher has a responsibility to promote equality, diversity and inclusiveness of the learner. Achieving this can start from reviewing the initial application, conducting diagnostic assessments and/or interviewing the learner to highlight any required signposting the learner needs to achieve their learning goals. This process will also identify the learners’ style of learning (VAK) which will determine how the session plan could be designed and delivered using the most appropriate teaching approaches: pedagogy/andragogy.

2.1 In teaching organisations and individuals have certain duties of care and must act accordingly to ensure the health and safety of others. A teacher must provide a safe and supportive learning environment from the onset of learning at induction stage - which will cover ground rules and appropriate health and safe practices the learner must abide by. It is also normal practice to repeat prior starting of a task that has the potential to cause such as use of knives in a catering environment. Such instruction makes the learner aware and promotes safe practice. The teacher also has to ensure the physical learning environment is set up to be appropriately supportive and safe for learning to take place.

Equally important is safe-guarding the learner from fear of physical or psychological harm, doing so facilitates how safe they feel within the learning environment and will lead to a pro-active learning environment that will allow the learner to succeed without fearing any risk of harm.

2.2 Key to promoting appropriate positive behaviour and the respect for others in the teaching environment is for the teacher to establish and agree ground rule. To support the rules the teacher must pro-actively lead by example, challenging inappropriate behaviour when it occurs.

Certain ground rules can be negotiated and agreed with the learners. The added benefit of this is each learner will have a...

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