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Avoiding Drug Abuse Essay

661 words - 3 pages

Rishi Ramnath
Composition 1 English 1301
26 November 2013
Avoiding Drug Abuse
Life…it is a journey that we all have to face. Everyone’s experience is different, but we all share the trials and tribulations that come with it. We are all faced with the option to make decisions in our lives, and these decisions will affect our everyday life. Peer pressure, especially as a young adult is a part of growing up. Many things are around us, peer pressure for sex, for drugs, for gangs, and we are faced with making decisions to go along with it or to avoid it. The problem lies with how serious the issue is, and how parents and adults do not see it that way.
Drugs are made in the kitchen of homes, they are grown in the backyard of homes, and are even considered legal in some states. Something so easy to obtain makes it even that much easy to distribute. Where else would ...view middle of the document...

Like drugs it is easy to get, and it makes you feel good. In today’s society, having a few drinks, getting a little drunk, those are things that young teens do. You get to college, you have parties, and it always includes alcohol. Sometimes the adults are the ones that supply the alcohol without even knowing it. You buy some beer, put it in your fridge and the next thing you know, your teenagers are drinking it late at night while you are gone. We as parents give our children, a little too much freedom. We know what we went through as young adults, but our time and now is so much different. Yes, you have to be twenty one to buy alcohol, but it is not hard at all to get it. Just like any other drug, it is available and someone is waiting for you to come and get it.
Marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, prescription drugs, beer, wine and liqueur, they are all out there, and they are closer than we think. The student sitting next to your straight A student, can be the connection for the latest drug. The school bus driver, could be the one that everyone goes to after class. We must pay closer attention to our children, and what they do every day. When a person starts to do drugs, they show signs and changes and we need to be able to point those changes out. Whether it is a change in our child’s popularity, or their attitude, or just mannerism, we need to be more involved in what are children do. We are the first defense to keeping our children drug free.
Life or death that is exactly how serious drug use in young teens is today. When someone gets hooked on something, whether it is drugs or alcohol, it changes the person that they are or can be. You start off selling, then the next thing you know, you are using. Then it all goes downhill from there. Too many young adults are faced with the peer pressure of trying drugs, or taking a drink, and the decision they make will affect them for the rest of their life. It is very serious, and noticing right away and stepping in to help, that is the first step to saving a life. The life you save might be your own child’s.

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