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Automation Process Of Ais Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods
Automation Process of Accounting Information System
Accounting Information Systems
March 27, 2012

Kudler Fine Foods Accounting Information Systems
Kudler Fine Foods (Kudler) is an upscale specialty food store chain in the San Diego, CA area. It was established in 1998 by its current owner Kathy Kudler, and since has expanded to three locations, all focused on providing the best quality bakery products, fresh produce and meats, condiments, packaged foods, cheese, specialty dairy products and fine wine (Apollo Group, Inc., 2011). Kudler currently uses a retail management system that includes a point of sale (POS) module for cash sales, ...view middle of the document...

In addition, Kudler will possibly have to sign a service contract with these companies for any repairs, maintenance or performance enhancements required to keep the software functional. An industry specific software, in contrast, will not require such contract as the manufacturer of the software is usually responsible for handling these types of issues. Any costs for updates or repairs should be minimal when compared to the amount of time and money it will cost Kudler to maintain a team of professionals. Furthermore, any malfunctions that have been encountered in using the industry specific software most likely have already been repaired, which means the software is up-to-date and ready for use (Visco Venture Information System, 2005).
Team A recommends automation for three main areas of Kudlers accounting. First, the recommendation for Kudler is to integrate the inventory into the software so the ordering process is simplified, which allows the store managers to focus on other functions of the business. The inventory system will work off a Just in Time (JIT) ordering system which will allow Kudler to maintain proper amounts of product while helping to eliminate costly waste. JIT will allow orders to compile by need until they are approved and placed. The inventory system will also keep track of inventory trends by day of the week, time of month, seasonality, and relationship to marketing and advertising campaigns (Bagranoff, Simkin, and Strand, 2008).
The second area for AIS changes is company information communication. The new AIS system will utilize dashboards on all company computers. According to Bagranoff, et al (2008), digital dashboards and scorecards are essential tools for organizations to monitor a wide...

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