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Automated Essay

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Automated Process
The recommended course of action for Kudler Fine Foods is to use industry-specific software. Industry-specific software has many advantages that would better fit the need of the company. The recommendation is based on several factors, such as cost, maintenance, and ease of use. It is significantly cheaper to use industry-specific software than to design software specialized for an individual company. The software vendor considers industry needs during development, which means solutions to most problems are already included. Furthermore, the usage of industry-specific software gives Kudler the ability to mold the software to fit their specific needs without trying to make the company fit the needs of the software. Using industry-specific software allows a shorter learning curve for the company, which will also be beneficial in the end.
Improving Operations
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The software will help accelerate the process of filling customer orders more efficiently resulting in satisfied customers.
Schedule for Implementation
Kudler should automate the payroll system first because it does not rely on any information from accounts payable, accounts receivable, or inventory. The second module that Kudler will automate is accounts payable because Kudler now has a system in place that can be easily converted. During Kudler’s implementation of the remaining systems, maintenance should happen in order to save time and money with enhancements. Enhancements will occur after maintenance and implementation of the accounts receivable and inventory systems.
Since accounts receivable is a new system, automation will start from the beginning. The technology department and accountants hold the responsibility to monitor the inputs and outputs and ensure accuracy during implementation. Maintenance will correct any errors, and enhancements will occur with the improvements from maintenance. Inventory is the last module that Kudler will automate because it requires information from accounts payable and accounts receivable. Maintenance will occur throughout the implementation of accounts payable and receivables to ensure accurate reporting of inventory levels. Enhancement for the inventory system is the last step, but many of these will occur as Kudler improves the accounts payable and receivable systems.
Flowcharts support the recommended automation, enhancement, and maintenance schedules and show the data flow for each of the four accounting upgrades for payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and inventory. Supporting documentation explains the tasks for recording financial transactions and gives Kudler quick access to accurate information. The industry-specific software will increase productivity and allow additional time to focus on strengthening customer service. The enhancement of new software will reduce errors, increase efficiency and streamline duties. It will also reduce the time to evaluate, buy, and implement new strategies.

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