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Architectural Layer Standards

The CAD Layer Guidelines are organized as hierarchy. This arrangement accommodates expansion and addition 0f user-defined extensions to the layer list. Layer names are alphanumeric and use abbreviations that are easy to remember. This legibility is particularly important when CAD files are distributed among architects, consultants, and clients. Layer names consist of a Discipline Code-Major Group-Minor Group-Status Field.

The format for the CAD Standard is as follows:

Discipline Code
Discipline is the primary method of classification for layer names. The discipline code provides a path back to the originator of the data and provides a logical categorization ...view middle of the document...

V.A.C A-Jois Joists
A-Lite Lighting Fixtures A-Pkng Parking
A-Sect Sections A-Site Site
A-Slab Slabs A-Spcl Special
A-Walk Walks A-Wall Walls
Minor Group
This is an optional, four-character field for further differentiation of Major Groups. For example, A-WALL-PART indicates architecture, new, wall partial height. The following modifiers are defined for use in the Minor Group field.

Appl Appliances Bnch Benchmarks
Cars Graphic Illustration of Cars Cols Columns
Dims Dimensions Elev Elevations, Elevation text, 3D, etc.
Esmt Easements, Row, and Setback Lines Fenc Fencing
Fixt Fixtures Grnd Bushes, Ground Covers and Vines
Iden Identification Legn Schedule, Legend,
Misc Miscellaneous Note Notes
Patt Hatch Pattern Number Peop People
Pfix Plumbing Fixtures Roof Roof
Site Site Step Steps
Strs Stairs, Treads, Escalators, and ladders Symb Symbols
Tele Telephone Text Legends and Schedules Text
Ther Thermostats Tptn Toilet Partitions
Ttbl Title Blocks

Annotation comprises text, dimensions, sheet borders. Detail references, and other elements on CAD drawings that don’t represent physical aspects of a building. The major group "ANNO" designates annotation. Types of annotation are as follows:
A-Anno-Dims Dimensions
A-Anno-Keyn Keynotes
A-Anno-Legn Legends And Schedules
A-Anno-Note Notes
A-Anno-Nplt Construction Lines, Non-Plotting Information
A-Anno-Redl Redline
A-Anno-Revs Revisions
A-Anno-Symb Symbols
A-Anno-Text Text
A-Anno-Ttlb Border And Title Block

Annotation can be placed in both paper and model space (Model files/Sheet files). Dimensions, symbols, and keynotes would typically be placed in model space. Legends, schedules, borders, and title blocks would typically be placed in paper space. The same layer names would be used in both cases.

A special case exists when a single model file (x-reference) is referenced by two or more "sets" of annotation. A model file containing both floor plan and ceiling plan information many need different layers for ceiling plan dimensions and floor plan dimensions. In this case, users should modify the Minor Group to indicate the intended view. For example, A-ANNO-DMFP for floor plan dimensions and A-ANNO-DMCP for ceiling plan dimensions.

User-Definable Fields
The Minor Group field can be defined by the user, allowing additional layers to be added to accommodate special project requirements. This should only be done if a desired layer does not apply to a project. Some examples of layers using a user-defined Minor Group field are as follows.
A-Door-Metl Metal Doors
A-Wall-Strc Walls To Structure
A-Furn-Pnl1 Furniture Panels From Manufacturer 1
A-Furn-Pnl2 Furniture Panels From Manufacturer 2

In contrast to the first edition of "CAD Layer Guidelines", this edition does not incorporate a fourth level of hierarchy for the...

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