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Autobiographical Nature In The Writings Of Five Well Known Poets

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Among the five authors that I have chosen they all relate themselves to the material that they write. The authors that I have chosen are, the poets, Robert Frost and Robinson Jeffers, the prose writers, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman and Willa Cather, and the dramatist, Eugene O’Neil. In all of their writings they have an autobiographical nature that tells the reader about the authors own life. Without the aspects of these authors’ lives their writing could differ.
This aspect of revealing ones own life through writing can be seen in Robert Frost’s poems not because he portrays his own life, but quite the opposite. It is commonly known that Robert Frost life was filled with much depression. Because of this, Robert Frost tends to dwell on the surreal beauty of nature in life. It is seen in his poems such as “The Pasture” that Robert ...view middle of the document...

Similar to Jeffers deep appreciate of God, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman has a profound value for the culture of rural New England. In her story “The New England Nun” she explores a women’s enjoyment in her life, which gave them control over their lives. The woman shows strength and endurance in the story. Rural New England also possessed this in their culture and economy. Her reflective importance for the culture of rural New England has brought her own life into the fictional story “The New England Nun.”
Comparable to the lifelong subjects the authors used from their own experience, Willa Cather evoked her thoughts of her own childhood to her writing as well. As a child she was seen as a tomboy and was not seen as a conventional girl. She used all the entanglements of being an outcast to generate energy into her writing. Because she was seen as not being an elegant girl of her time, she wrote the story “Coming, Aphrodite!” to show the rising of civilizations in history.
Alike the four authors above, Eugene O’Neil’s life are extremely evident in his writing. O’Neil had a childhood with a parent that was addicted to drugs and she sent him off to boarding school so he would not find out. He did find out about his mother’s habit and called it to mind in his writing “The Hairy Ape.” He illustrates this in the character Yank when it is shown that he senses that he does not belong anywhere.
Robert Frost, Robinson Jeffers, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Willa Cather, and Eugene O’Neil all show similarities in their writings. This is evident in the individual works of these authors. They all tend to include a small, but significant aspects of their own lives within their writing. This fact is possibly one of the main reasons they have become so treasured and heavily read. These personal connections enable readers in a sense to find aspects of their own lives within the writings of these authors, connecting in a personal sense with not only the writing but the author as well

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