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Autism Essay

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Challenges of Autism
Tanisha Taylor
April 28, 2013
Lawrence Daly

Challenges of Autism

1 out of 88 children age 8 will have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, March 30, 2012) This information is very shocking to some because everybody does not know a lot about autism and its affects unless encountered with a close relative or friend of a person diagnosed with the disorder. Not all parent share with the neighbors or co-workers that they have an autistic child and because of this those who have no experience with a child diagnose may not have a full understanding of the disorder. Autism is a range ...view middle of the document...

More often an autistic child language is developed slower than others and they may use gestures instead of words as a form of communication. Autistic children’s receptive processing skills are impaired and they have difficulty following through with directions. (Volkmar, Fred R. and David Pauls 2003) Not being able to communicate could cause a child with autism to feel uncomfortable and stressed. This could lead to outlandish outburst from the child and inappropriate behaviors. Children diagnosed with autism do not intentionally separate themselves from other children. They are just very sensitive and simply missing skills that are essential for developing meaningful peer relationships. (Jennifer Jacobs, M.S., CCC-SLP) The lack of social skills causes the children to have a difficult time interpreting what others feel. Autistic children are very withdrawn. A lot of them give short answers to questions when asked. They do not show interest in making friends or interact in social games such as hidden seek, kick ball, or bike races. It is almost as if they are in a world of their own and rather be left alone. Artistic children are not able to clearly express themselves and they often times experience anxiety, anger and frustration, and challenging behaviors. (The National Autistic Society) They often showcase behaviors that are disruptive and hard to manage. (Dunlap, Dyler and Koegel, 1983) There are many things that can cause a child with autism to experience hard to manage challenges. Anxiety, Anger and Frustration could build up in an artistic child simply because he or she does not know how to express themselves or handle how they feel. They often times act out in a way that is not acceptable. An artistic child may throw a temper tantrum because they are not getting what they want or need and they feel stressed. They may even result to violent behaviors such as fighting, biting, and self- injury. (National Autistic Society)
The parents and families of children diagnosed with autism are also challenged in many ways and this is a lot on families. Most parents in general just want the best for their children and will do what they need to protect them and keep them safe. Parents of autistic child often times feel as if they are alone in the situation when in fact there are more and more children being diagnosed with autism. They feel as if they have no support and they often worry that others will judge them or treat their child differently if they know that the child has a disability. Parents often worry when the child is in the presents of other children. Not because they don’t want them to go to school or interact with other children but because they fear that their child could be put in a position of feeling uncomfortable. Parents find it very stressful to deal with the challenging behaviors that autistic children display. Some of these behaviors parents are faced with are temper tantrums and aggressive behaviors (fighting, biting, screaming,...

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