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One place I have always dreamed of visiting and living is Australia. Whenever I see Australia on TV everything looks beautiful. The people seem very friendly and warm. Culturally it seems like a good fit for me because the people are pretty easy going and so am I.
The country is made up very similar to us in its people according to
a few positives for me is that the infant mortality rate is lower and the life expectancy is a little higher in Australia. One big note is the obesity rate is 26% amongst adults versus 33% in the US. 0
Financially the country is very stable. Their GDP is 999 billion and their 5 year growth rate is 2.5. The unemployment rate is 5.6% ...view middle of the document...

* Both have a Senate that represents the States equally – 2 senators per state in the US, 12 per state in Australia. Senators in both countries serve 6 year terms.
* All legislation must be passed by both houses of parliament.
* Both have written constitutions which delineate the powers of the Federal Government.
* Both have an independent judiciary (Supreme Court in US, High Court in Australia) which interprets the constitution and acts as a final court of appeals.

* The US is a republic, whereas Australia is a constitutional monarchy. The US president is both head of state and head of government and is directly elected by the people. Australia’s head of state is the British monarch who is represented by a Governor-General chosen by the Prime Minister.
* In Australia, the government (ministry, cabinet, executive) is drawn from the parliamen and responsible to it, whereas in the US the Executive branch of government is independent of the congress and no person may be a member of congress and a minister simultaneously.
* The Australian Prime Minister is chosen by the elected members of the party/parties that have won a majority of seats in the House of Representatives, whereas the US President is directly elected by the people and must appoint non-members of the congress to fill ministerial posts.
* Members of the Australian House of Representatives serve a 3-year term whereas US members of the House serve a 2-year term.
* Half of the members of the Australian Senate face election every three years, whereas one-third of the US Senate is elected every two years.
* In the event of a deadlock with the House, the Australian Senate can be dissolved and new senators chosen in a double dissolution election. The US Senate can never be dissolved.
* Elections in the US are on set days for fixed terms, whereas an Australian Prime Minister may dissolve parliament and call an early election.
* Electoral enrolment and voting is compulsory in Australia, but voluntary in the US.
* Party...

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