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When Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany in 1933, no one was certain exactly what he had in mind to do not even the German people. If Hitler would have got into that art school that he got denied twice for many people say that all of this would have not even went on. Then again, who knows if Hitler was the only one with these intensions? I see the Nazis as one of the worst group of people in the entire history. The Nazi’s were downright brutal by making Jews be their slaves and when their time came, they conducted experiments on the Jews to try to figure out medical breakthroughs, and the most brutal of them all…mass murdering all the Jews that they possibly could.
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These body parts from the exterminated Jews were used to save the lives of other Nazi’s that were in need of just about anything. A day later Dr. Kraemer wrote “Today, Sunday, there was roast hare for lunch--a real fat leg--with dumplings and red cabbage for 1.25 RM.” This right here shows exactly how much they really care about the Jews. Anyone in their right mind knows that this is sick and not humane! No one especially that was living deserves to be killed and be taken of their body parts when they were born with them and expected to live a full life. The Nazi’s are ruthless and don’t care about anyone but themselves. No one deserves treatments like these.
My third and final point is the most inhumane thing that I’ve ever heard of in my entire life. Anytime they felt necessary a Jew could be shot at point blank range or thousands of them talked into going to a chamber and exterminated in less than a minute. A letter from SS Jahrling to SS general Kammler estimating the number of corpses that can be disposed of in 24 hours in the Auschwitz crematoriums, June 25 1943. Crematorium I could dispose of 340, Crematorium 2 and 3 1440 each, and for the 4th and 5th they could each dispose of 768 Jews. These are just the numbers in the Auschwitz camp alone! Put these numbers all together that around 5,000 Jews killed in a 24 hour period in the Auschwitz camp! The prisoners are told to go into these houses down the stairs and to get undressed to be cleaned and disinfected. They are also told to neatly fold their clothes so they don’t get lost. They then pass through a small corridor that resembles a bathroom. When the desired amount of Jews into the room the doors are shut and locked. Containers filled with the substances are...

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