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Audience Analysis

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Audience Analysis
Yesid Andrés Rodas
Introduction to Business Communications/285
April 14, 2011
Eartha Barnett

* Communication is essential for humans in any role, but for business communication is even more important, especially in the sales industry where the interaction between the vendor and the customer requires being in touch directly with each other.
* If I were ask to present quarterly sales ...view middle of the document...

The purpose of almost every business is to know how well or bad are their financial statements; communicate them to the board is very important and difficult task. The information should be clear, simple, and concise to ensure the message is effective with the audience.
During the presentation I would also has to consider other factors such as financial status of the company exposed; if the company is well financially I would start with a suitable joke to raise spirits and ease up the listeners. If the company's financial condition is bad, forget the joke. Bringing a message is more than a presentation; it is very important to provide the proper context, and suitable language for better understandings of the audience.
At the beginning, it is very important saying hello to everyone in the room, addressing them as “ladies and gentleman” to show them respect. Second, it is vital to be in good mood and shows confidence before and during the presentation. I would have an agenda explaining every step that will follow during the presentation. Every person in the meeting should have a copy of the itinerary.
Another characteristic of the audience to consider is the gender. Exist different vocabulary, and behaves between women and men audience. When is a man doing the presentation in front of women; he needs to be more careful in the ways he acts or the words he uses. He needs to avoid any physical contact, also I would avoid making eye contact repeatedly with the same person, and people could misinterpret as favoritism or harassment. When a woman is doing a presentation in from of men, she needs to consider the way she dress, also avoid any physical contact with any man. In both cases they need to be respectful with the audience regardless of the gender of the people who is listening or is doing the presentation.
* Communication channels
Another factor I would consider communication channels are appropriate for the presentation and for the audience
Audiovisuals communication channel is one of the most frequently used for this type of presentation. Because the whole information is on the board to everyone can see it and hear it easily. In a clear and direct language no one in the reunion should have trouble understanding the information presented before him. The presenter should be aware if exists any language barriers between him and any of the listeners.
Graphics are an excellent communication channel for financial statements; they are easier to understand and analyze the sales movements in the company in the respective months of the report and previous years.
Audience Diversity
People from around the world are together in the same workplace nowadays in the United States. More than ever people need to be aware how they communicate with others. Some habits, innocent gestures,...

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